Achievements update: new categories and levels

04 Jan 2021
Achievements update: new categories and levels


Dear partners,


We've upgraded our achievement system with new and more relevant rewards.

The most important thing is that now all achievements bring some kind of cash income.

Starting achievements provide from $ 10 to $ 50, and the top ones - up to $ 10,000 bonus.

Go for it!


For the previously existing categories “Payments”, “Number of First Deposits”, “Income from Sub-partners”, two new levels have been added - the lower (first row) and the upper (fifth row). 

Also new categories of awards “Number of geos” and “Number of active months” have been added.

In general, for each category of awards, the partner can receive 5 achievements instead of 3, as it was before.




1) New achievement - for the number of geos.

Motivates to test new geos (countries).


2) New achievement - for the number of active months.

Motivates you to work long term.

It starts from a bonus for 6 months of work and reaches a maximum of 5 years.

An active month is the one during which you have attracted 3 or more first deposits.


3) We added two achievements for the categories we had before - “Payouts”, “Number of First Deposits”, “Income from sub-partners”.

These starting achievements that can be scored by the most novice partners.


Calculation procedure


Old achievements are calculated as before - from December 20, 2016. So nothing changed here.


Calculation for all new achievements starts from January 4, 2021.


Start today and score them all!


Faithfully yours,

Poshfriends team