Stream Marathon 7 Results

24 Feb 2023
Stream Marathon 7 Results

Dear partners!




Thank you for your active participation in Stream Marathon 7!


The competition was really fierce and exciting. We hope you enjoyed this already traditional event and you would love to take part in the next marathons as well.



And now it's time to congratulate the winners!



1. Mazik League

2. Danludan League

3. Cobrik league


4. ЛОРД League 


6. Резак League 

7. Slotviver League

8. Жека Казино League

9. Jeka Tvink League

10. Dog House League



The full results table can be found here


Prizes for streamers will be credited to their affiliate accounts, prizes for players - to their casino accounts (after distribution of prizes by streamers)


Many thanks again to all the participants! Partners - for leading the teams and organizing the strategy, players - for trusting their leaders and showing amazing team spirit!



Always yours,


PoshFriends Team